Valentin Peter Eisele is a graphic- and stage designer located in Germany:

He studied Informationdesign in Graz, Austria, and subsequently worked as a graphic- and set designer for Stan Studios in Stuttgart. Whilst working on independent graphic design projects for theatres in Germany, his professional focus shifted towards the performing arts: he started working as a set- and costume designer and eventually enrolled in the Masters Program in Stage Design at the National Academy of Dramatic Art – The Lir – in Ireland.

Since graduating in 2016 he is working independently as a set-/costume- and graphic designer collaborating with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, backsteinhaus produktion at Theater Rampe, Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv, Theater Oberhausen, The Ume Group New York, Wollwerk, Theater Pfütze and Die Schlangenknaben.

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Current Projects
Theater Pfütze – Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography, Webdesign – since 2020, Nürnberg, Germany
Bell Suits – Soloproject, 2022, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Die Schlangenknaben – Costume & Graphic Design, Photography – since 2020, Berlin, Germany
Wollwerk – Graphic Design, since 2014

Previous Projets

Le Sacre du Printemps – Costume Design, Künstlerkollektiv Phantasten @ Gar Du Nord, 2022, Basel, Switzerland
Blasse Tinte, blauer Tag – Costume Design, Stadttheater Fürth & Theater Pfütze, 2022, Nürnberg & Fürth, Germany
Virtual Sexploration – Graphic Design, Illustration, Webdesign, 2021/22, Berlin, Germany
Concushion – Cushioning Concushions, Soloproject, 2021, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Denise Bettelyoun – Webdesign, 2021
Cyber Sexhibition
– Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation – 2020/21, Berlin, Germany
Der Tag, an dem ich meine Binde in den Dünen vergrub – Graphic Design, Illustration – 2021, Theater Pfütze, Nürnberg, Germany
Der große böse Fuchs – Costume Design – 2021, Theater Pfütze, Nürnberg, Germany
Exhibition at Altes Lager – Wood Prints and Sketches – 2020, Münsingen, Germany
Staatstheater Hannover – Puppet construction and design with Christopher Schleiff, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Albgut – Graphic Design, 2019, Münsingen, Germany
Headless Illusions – Set and Stage Design, 2019, Berlin, Germany 
Theater Oberhausen – Stage & Costume Design – 2019, Oberhausen, Germany
Production: Hier kommt keiner durch, Director: Paulina Neukampf
Planet b234 – Costume and Graphic Design – 2018, New York, USA,
Feature Film, Written by Jorge Luna, Directed by Keelie Sheridan
Kulturregion Stuttgart – Stage Design, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany: Geschichten unter der Haube
UdK Folkwang – Graphic and Costume Design, Photography – 2018 & 2019, Essen, Germany
30 Jahre Städtepartnerschaft – Partnerschaftsverein Biberach e.V., Graphic Design, 2018, Biberach, Germany
Pop Up Stage Stuttgart – Stage Design – 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Schleiff Live – Stage, Costume and Graphic Design – 2018, Leipzig, Germany
The Ume Group – Stage & Costume Design – 2017, New York, USA
Production: By Wing, Fin, Hoof or Foot
backsteinhaus produktion – Stage, Costume & Graphic Design – 2014 to 2018, Stuttgart, Germany, Productions: Forever Medea – A piece of cake – Headless – Wolfgang
citizen.kane.kollektiv – Stagedesign – 2016/17, Stuttgart, Germany, Production: Girls, Boys, Love, Cash
Junges Ensemble Stuttgart – Set & Costume Design – 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
Production: Girls, Boys, Love, Cash
Lift das Stuttgartmagazin – Contribution to two covers, 2017, Stuttgart, Germany
Vom Glauben, Berge versetzen zu können – Josephine B. Schmitt, Graphic Design, 2016, Berlin Germany
Sumadesign – Freelance Graphic Design – 2015 – 2017, Diessen am Ammersee, Germany
Stan Studios Graphic Design & Interior Design – from 2013 to 2015, Stuttgart, Germany
Scuola Rudolf Steiner di Milano – 2011/2012 Voluntary Service, Milan, Italy
Töpferhaus Gerster – Assistance in making pottery, glace & bisque fire,
2005-2010, Biberach an der Riß, Germany

MfA Stage Design, The Lir, Dublin, Ireland – 2015//16
Focus: Set & Costume Design – Showcase: Grimly Handsome by Julia Jarcho

BA Information Design, FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria – 2011 - 2014
Focus: Communication Design – Subjects: Graphic & Exhibition Design, Typography, Photography, Usability Testing, Webdesign, Professional Writing, Sound & Video Production, 3D Modeling

Terms Abroad
IADE – Creativ University, Lisbon, Portugal – 2013
Subjects: Communication Design, Visual Design, Scientific Illustration, Art Direction
HdM – University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany – 2013
Subjects: Package Design, Typography, Illustration, Logo and Pictogram Design