Current Cushions, currently

Powerplay, Schaubude Berlin,
graphic, set & costume, currently

Die Schlangenknaben, Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg,
set & costume, 2023

Die Schlangenknaben, Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg,
set & costume, 2023

Tohuwabohu, What’s beeing made atm, Constantly

Concushion, Concept & pillows, since 2020

Le Sacre du Printemps, Costume,
Künstlerkollektiv Phantasten, Gare du Nord, 2022
Photography: Ingo Hoehn

Bell Suits, Concept & Costume, 2022

Concushion, Soloproject, Cushions, 2021/22

splash!labor, Set, Theater Pfütze, 2021/22
Photography: Marian Lenhard

Die Schlangenknaben, Costume & Photography, 2021

Der große böse Fuchs, ︎ Costume & Set, Theater Pfütze, 2020
Photography: Philipp Henze

Die Schlangenknaben, ︎ Costume & Photography, 2020

Team Gallery, Set, ︎ Theater Pfütze, 2020
Photography: Philipp Henze

Cockadoodledoo, Series of Costume Drafts, Theater Pfütze, 2020

Die Schlangenknaben, Costume, Set & Photography, 2019

Physical Theatre, ︎︎ UdK Folkwang,
Concept & Photography, 2019

Elisabeth Jakob, ︎ Concept & Photography, 2019

Hier kommt keiner durch, Set & Costume, Theater Oberhausen,
Director: Paulina Neukampf, 2019

Planet B234, Feature Film, Costume, Graphic & Webdesign,
Director: Keelie Sheridan, Written by Jorge Luna, 2018

Schleiff Live, Concept & Photography, 2018

Geschichten unter der Haube,
︎ Kulturregion Stuttgart, Set, 2018
Photography: Frank Kleinbach

PUSS – Pup Up Stage Stuttgart, Fluxus, Set & Photography,
Director Franziska Schmitz & Celine Papion, 2018

Wollwerk, Concept & Photography, 2017

By wing, fin, hoof or foot, Costume, The Ume Group New York, 2017

Girls Boys Love Cash, Set & Costume, citizen.kane.kollektiv &
Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, 2017
Photography: Alexander Wunsch

Wolfgang, Set & Costume, Backsteinhaus Produktion &
Theater Rampe, Director: Nicki Liszta, 2017
Photography: Daniela Wolf

Headless, Set, Costume & Photography, Backsteinhaus
Produktion & Theater Rampe, Director: Nicki Liszta, 2017

Grimly Handsome, Set & Costume, The Lir,
︎ Director: Keelie Sheridan, 2016

The Duchess of Malfi, Costume, The Lir, 2016

Occupied, Set & Costume, The Lir, ︎Director: Keelie Sheridan, 2016

The Wasteland, Set & Costume, The Lir, 2016

A piece of cake, Set, Costume & Photography, Backsteinhaus
Produktion, Director: Nicki Liszta, 2015

Forever Medea, Set, Costume & Photography, Backsteinhaus
Produktion, Director: Nicki Liszta, 2014

Tohuwabohu, ongoing

Valentin Peter Eisele is a graphic- and stage designer located in Germany:

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He studied Informationdesign in Graz, Austria, and subsequently worked as a graphic- and set designer for Stan Studios in Stuttgart. Whilst working on independent graphic design projects for theatres in Germany, his professional focus shifted towards the performing arts: he started working as a set- and costume designer and eventually enrolled in the Masters Program in Stage Design at the National Academy of Dramatic Art – The Lir – in Ireland.

Since graduating in 2016 he is working independently as a set-/costume- and graphic designer collaborating with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, backsteinhaus produktion at Theater Rampe, Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv, Theater Oberhausen, The Ume Group New York, Wollwerk, Theater Pfütze and Die Schlangenknaben.

Current Projects
Theater Pfütze, redesign, concept & design of all graphic materials (yearly booklets, quaterly show overviews, posters, flyers, banners, ads for print and digital, website), illustration, planning and direction of photo-shoots, 3D modelling, Nürnberg, D, since 2020

Schaubude Berlin, devised magic show with Christo Schleiff, set-, costume- and graphic design, Berlin, D, 2023

Concushion, soloprojekt,, design and, construction of oversized cushions, supported by Ministerium für Wissenschaft & Kunst Baden-Württemberg, D, since 2021

Wollwerk, conception & realisation of a corporate design: woodcuts, edgings, photography & graphic design for flyers, booklets, exterior and interior design, design manual, awarded with the Red Dot Award Communication Design Junior 2015, Münsingen, D, since 2014

Past projects
Die Schlangenknaben, electronic opera in drag, set- and costume design, graphic design, Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin, D, 2023

Diversity Media, theatre for young adiences: Im Schwarm, set- and costume design, Nürnberg, D, 2023

Bell Suits, soloprojekt, costumedesign & film, supported by Ministerium für Wissenschaft & Kunst Baden-Württemberg, D, 2022

Gare Du Nord & Künstlerkollektiv Phantasten, theatre: Le Sacre du Printemps, Director: Anselm Dalferth, Basel, CH, 2022

Stadttheater Fürth & Theater Pfütze, theatre: Blasse Tinte, blauer Tag, costumedesign, director: Gineke Pranger, Nürnberg, D, 2022

Denise Bettelyoun, graphic and webdesign for textile artist, D, 2022

Cyber Sexhibition, illustration & animation, Berlin, D, 2020/21

Theater Pfütze, theatre for younger adiences, Nürnberg, D
Theatre Lab: SPLASH!LABOR, stage design, 2021
Theatre parcours: Der Tag, an dem ich meine Binde in den Dünen vergrub, conception, graphic design, illustration, 2021
Theatre: Der große böse Fuchs, costume design, directors: Elisa Merkens and Iwona Jera, 2020

Exhibition, 96 sketches and prints around costume, Altes Lager, Münsingen, D, März bis September 2020

Kulturregion Stuttgart, Stuttgart, D
Unter Beobachtung, Human Camera, stage design, 2020
Geschichten unter der Haube, stage design, 2019

Schleiff Live, graphicdesign, set- & costume design, Berlin, D, 2017 – 2019
Puppetry: Alien, Staatstheater, Hannover, 2019

Albgut, graphicdesign, Münsingen, D, 2019

Theater Oberhausen, theatre: Hier Kommt Keiner Durch, set- & costume design, director: Paulina Neukampf, Oberhausen, D, 2019

Planet b234, Feature Film, costume-, graphic- & web design, autor: Jorge Luna, director: Keelie Sheridan, New York, USA, 2018

UdK Folkwang, Physical Theatre, graphic design for posters & flyers, conception, photography, Essen, D, 2018/2019

Pop Up Stage Stuttgart, Fluxus Stuttgart, theatre festival, stagedesign & photography, Stuttgart, D, 2018

The Ume Group, dance piece: By Wing, Fin, Hoof Or Foot, set- & costume design, director: Keelie Sheridan, New York, USA, 2017

Lift, Stuttgart Magazin, set design for two covers, Stuttgart, D, 2017

backsteinhaus produktion & Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, D
director: Nicki Liszta, set- & costume design für dance pieces:
Wolfgang, Theater Rampe, 2017, Headless, Theater Rampe, 2017,
A Piece Of Cake, Hallschlag, 2015, Forever Medea, OST, 2014

Junges Ensemble Stuttgart & Citizen.Kane.Kollektiv,
Stuttgart, D, director: Christian Müller, Theaterstücke:
Girls, Boys, Love, Cash, set- & costume design, 2017
Heartcore Research, graphic design, 2014

Master of Fine Arts: Stage Design, The Lir, National Academy Of Dramatic Art Ireland, focus: set- and costume design, showcase: Grimly Handsome by Julia Jarcho, director: Keelie Sheridan, Dublin, IE, 2015/2016

Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design: Informationsdesign, FH Joanneum, focus: communication design: graphic- & exhibition design, typography, photography, usability testing, webdesign, professional writing, sound- and video production, 3D Modelling, Graz, AT, 2011-2014

Concushion booklet, Cushions & Graphicdesign, 2023

Concushion, Soloproject, Cushions & Webdesign, 2021

Calendars, Theater Pfütze, Graphic & Concept, 2023

Teaching materials, Theater Pfütze, Graphic & Concept, 2022

Denise Bettelyoun, Webdesign, 2022

3D for print materials, Theater Pfütze, Graphic & Concept, 2022

Denise Bettelyoun, Graphicdesign, 2023

Virtual Sexploration, Illustration, Graphic, Webdesign, 2022

Spielzeitheft Theater Pfütze 22/23, Graphic & Concept, 2022

Social Media Opener, Theatres for younger audiences Nürnberg, 
Illustration, Nürnberg, 2022 & 2023

Spielzeitheft Theater Pfütze 21/22, Graphic & Concept, 2021


Viele kleine Elefanten, Graphic, Theater Pfütze, 2020

Cyber Sexhibition, Frame by Frame Animations,
Theater Feld & Feelings Performance & Jakob Schleiff, 2021

Calendars, Illustration & Graphic, Concept, Theater Pfütze, 2021

Cyber Sexhibition, Illustration & Graphic Design,
Theater Feld & Feelings Performance & Jakob Schleiff, 2021

Der Tag, an dem ich meine Binde in den Dünen vergrub,
Illustration & Graphic, Concept, Theater Pfütze, 2021

Der Tag, an dem ich meine Binde in den Dünen vergrub,
Booklet & Sticker Sheet, Illustration & Graphic, Konzept,
Theater Pfütze, 2021

Exhibition Cataloge: Wood Prints and Drawings,
Altes Lager, Münsingen, 2020

Schollar, Graphic & Concept, Die Schlangenknaben, 2020

Solo Exhibition: Wood Prints and Drawings, Altes Lager, Münsingen, 2020

Duftwolke 3 bis 3000, Illustration & Graphic,
Theater Pfütze, 2020

Spielzeitheft Theater Pfütze 20/21, Booklet, Graphic & Concept, 2020

Albgut, Graphic & Illustration, 2018

Redesign Theater Pfütze, Graphic & Concept, 2020

30 Jahre Städtepartnerschaft,
Städtepartner Biberach e. V. Booklet Graphic, 2018

Wollwerk, Wood Prtints & Graphic, 2017

Headless, Graphic & Photography, Backsteinhaus
Produktion & Theater Rampe, 2017

Vom Glauben, Berge versetzen zu können,
Booklet Graphic, Josephine B. Schmitt, 2016

Research Booklet, Graphic, 2016

Hortus Conclusus, Graphic, 2015

Wollwerk Kursprogramm,
Wollwerk, Graphic & Photography, 2015

Wollwerk Gestaltungsmanuskript,
Wollwerk, Corporate Design, 2014

Autsch – Das Peinlichkeitsbuch, Graphic, Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, 2014